Photos by Phillips
Photos by Phillips

Social Media Headshots

When it comes to creating a photo for social media, there is a choice to be made between a headshot and a portrait.


    Headshot - This is the bottomline “official” you, so clothing and make-up should be seen but not noticed.  Solid color top with plain v neck, u neck, or mens’ collar.  Your facial expression is what makes or breaks a headshot.  I will coach you on maximizing your best facial features and minimizing the less flattering but, think about the message you want to send using only your face… serious, friendly, professional ?


    Best headshot results are obtained in the studio with a solid black or white backdrop.


    Portrait - May also be the “official” you, but should be embellished to emphasize the “inner” you.  This reflects how you see yourself: if you are a businesswoman, you wear a suit and pose in an office… if you are a family man, you wear slacks and casual shirt with your family arrayed in the background… if you are a sports junkie, now’s the time for a uniform while you take-a-knee on the field, if you a Romanov, don a lavish gown and wear the family jewels.


    In 50 years, when your great-grandson looks at your portrait, he should be able to tell who you were and what mattered to you.


    Best results for a classic portrait can be obtained in a studio with a white or black background and the lighting controlled.  However, a great location can create magic! 


     Check out our "color portraits" and "Black & White Portraits" sections for examples of how we can enliven your profile for social media.



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